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  Full Colour Dry Transfers DRY TRANSFERS

Our Dry Transfers have been used in the industry for over 25 years, from producing prototype packaging to applying decals to models and props for many films. They are one of a few solutions to produce a perfect PANTONE colour. All standard coated, flourescent, pastel and metallic colours can be produced in both matt and gloss finishes. We can also produce clear gloss varnish and frosted effect dry transfers. We have a selection of standard foils (a representation shown in the images on the left of this page) which are used to replicate the effect of foil blocking. If you can’t find a foil you like we can mix the foils to give an approximation of a pantone reference or send us a swatch to match but we do charge extra for mixing foils. We can also produce Mirror Foils which have a high chrome finish, available in a limited colour range.

Our dry Transfers are supplied as A5, A4 or A3 sheets, so please set your artwork up on to the sheet size that suites your needs, please remember to include spares to give yourself a little breathing space when applying the transfers.

Dry Transfers are easy to apply but you may want to protect them, even though they harden over time, they can be affected too much handling, so you could lacquer them, you would just need to test your lacquer on your substrate and the transfers before going down that route to make sure they are not affected by the lacquer. For every colour, a film negative is produced for each artwork from which the dry transfer is created. We are able to use the same negative more than once so this is a one off cost as long as you do not change your artwork (we keep your negative for a maximum of 6 months).

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