10 Up Deluxe Standard
Literature Post Stretch
Zed Up Lite A3 Fitted
Zed Up Lite A4 Crossover
Zed Up Lite A5 Table Runner
10 Up Deluxe Stand

The standard table cover has a simple, clean cut design.

  • Available in various sizes
  • Fully dye sublimation printed
  • Open or closed back available
8' Closed back table cover £88
6' Closed back table cover £78
4' Closed back table cover £72
8' Open back table cover £77
6' Open back table cover £72
4' Open back table cover £65
Literature Post with Graphics Literature Post

A robust, handy and very versatile information and promotion incorporating 3 literature holders. The post holds a rigid graphic which can be shaped to fit the display style; making it ideal for retail presentations.

  • Has a tight snug fit around the table
  • Fully dye sublimation printed
  • Elastic knitted polyester
  • Available with hollow back or zipper
8' Stretch table cover £85
6' Stretch table cover £77
4' Stretch table cover £69
Zed Up Lite A3 Stand Zed Up Lite A3

The fitted table cover provides a neat and tidy presentation without leaving corner drapes

  • No surplus material
  • Fully dye sublimation printed
  • Hollow back or zip options available
8' Fitted table cover £98
6' Fitted table cover £88
4' Fitted table cover £82


Zed Up Lite A4 Stand Zed Up Lite A4

The cross-over table cover changed the look of the table instantly without buying addtional products. It is stylish in appearance, which enables it to be eye-catching and offers a extremely cost effective solution for your promotion.

  • Cross color matching
  • 2 way stretchy fabric
  • Full dye sublimation printing
8' Stretch cross-over table cover £123
6' Stretch cross-over table cover £104


Zed Up Lite A5 Stand Zed Up Lite A5

A very compact product which can provide an instant logo to an already covered table.

  • High contrast table cover
  • fully dye sublimation printed
Table runner £62


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