Hooks and Fixings Hooks & Fixings


D-Rings and Sky Hangers Hooks & Fixings

These hooks and fixings are great to hang signs, posters and other promotional material from walls and ceilings.

At such a low price they are fantastic value for money for displaying your graphics exactly as you want them.

  • Various fixings in stock
  • Galvanized hooks provide a strong fixing for hard surfaces
Various Tapes Tapes

We use and can supply you with a varied selection of specialist tapes including fabric and magnetic tapes.

Call us with your enquiry and we will do our best to advise you on the best solution.

  • Magnetic tape is used for our pop ups, but can also be used on white boards
  • Fabric tape is useful for smaller PVC banners
Hook & Loop Velcro Velcro

25 Metre roll of Velcro In white or black 20mm wide. Use hook with the loop version or directly on to a suitable fabric.

  • Hook can be used directly onto prepared surfaces
  • Use loop with hook for non-prepared surfaces
  • 25mm wide Standard

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