Stretched Canvas Prints in Horsham, West Sussex, UK

Canvas Prints Showing Bleed Edges Canvas Prints

High quality canvas prints are a great way to display photos or artwork and are suitable for home or office use. Here at Approved we print onto high grade canvas and our finishing department hand stretch the canvas onto a pine frame.

Below is a selection of common sizes of canvas print, but we are able to produce almost any custom size, please get in touch for further details.

A few pointers:

  • The best format is a digital photo, but we are able to work from conventional photographs as well
  • Low resolution photographs from older mobiles or cameras are not suitable. If you are uncertain of the resolution, send it to us and we can tell you!
  • JPEG or TIFF files in CMYK are the best to work with.
  • Defects such as red-eye or date stamps will be removed free of charge by our studio art workers.
  • Please allow 50mm around the edge of your photos for bleed, this will wrap around the edges of the frame.
Size (mm) 297 420 594 841
297 £36.50 £38.00 £40.00 £60.00
420 £38.00 £40.00 £57.50 £62.50
594 £40.00 £57.50 £63.00 £78.00
841 £60.00 £62.50 £78.00 £85.00

Alternative custom sizes are available, please contact us
Prices provide link to template at correct size

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